About Me

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jay, a qualified CBT therapist, specialising in children and young adults suffering with anxiety and depression. I am originally from Australia but came over to the UK 4 years ago to start a new adventure.

Having previously worked in several different industries, I found my dream job as a therapist assisting children through difficult times and teaching them the skills to help them improve their mental health. As a new mum myself, it concerned me that there are few safe spaces for children and young adults to express their feelings and issues, where they felt most comfortable.

What was even more astonishing, was the complete lack of therapy for children with special needs and their families. With that in mind,  I decided to qualify as a CBT therapist and specialise in special needs and behaviour analysis, working predominantly with children aged 4 years old upto young adults. I have always felt a strong connection to this field of therapy and now I have stepped out on my own to offer the assistance needed.