What is CBT?

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a form of talking therapy where we aim to identify the core elements of ones current problems. The way CBT works is by identifying the root cause of the issues and investigate just how this core issues has played a role in other situations or problems the client has faced. We also need to understand that the CBT process aims to not only expose the root cause of issues but teach the client how to either overcome them or the skills and techniques best used to be able to combat any future similar issues that might arise.



We must break the malicious cycle of negative thought patterns and behaviours to also ensure the best outcome for the clients. This cycle can start with a negative thought that leads to a negative feeling and then moves on to negative behaviour, it is here that CBT and following the process aids clients to escape the never ending cycle and leads them to a more healthy thought pattern and in turn a more positive behaviour is established.